* Managing Non-DMV OLVR Reminders

Post date: Dec 8, 2014 8:32:48 PM

We keep getting reminders in the Online Voter Registration section of CVRS that some new non-DMV voters are “pending”, even though we know that they have already sent in their voter registration application cards and have been processed. Once these voters are registered, how can we remove them from the Reminders page of CVRS?

First, be sure to verify that these applicants have already been processed—by doing an Inquiry. Then, you can go back to the “Reminders” page. Click on “Go to VR”, and type in the voter’s name in the top Search box that will appear. When the matched voter’s information pops up below, click on “No Further Action Required”. This should clear that voter from your OLVR Reminders.

If you know the voter is registered but no matched voter’s info pops up after you’ve used the Search box, stop and check your records (including the voter’s card) for misspellings, typos, name changes, etc. Don’t click on “No Further Action Required” until you’re sure you have the voter’s correct information on your official list.