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Updated: Sept 7, 2020

The fall ROVAC conference was a webinar style conference held on September 9-10.

Conference information can be found on the ROVAC website at http://www.rovac.org/index.php?page=Conference_Info

It has a list of presentations (or at least the PowerPoints and pdfs from the presentations) on it. Take a look at it.

New Registrars Class Power Point Presentation

Update: January 11, 2017

Important Dates:

1. Thursday, Jan 25, 10AM - Fairfield County ROVAC Meeting - Town Hall Annex - Wilton CT

2. April 25, 26 & 27 - ROVAC Spring Conference and Annual Meeting - Cromwell, CT

Webinar featuring Ted Bromley from CT Office of the Secretary of the State

Ted walked us through the new features in CVRS to access registrations processed at the CT DMV.

See the recording here, or copy and paste this link into your browser: https://youtu.be/CRLt_aMrp8I?t=9s

Update: March 1, 2016

Important Dates:

1. March 28 - SOTS Training at Aqua Turf - Begins at 8:30 AM

2. March 30 - ROVAC Day at the Capitol. More details to come.

3. April 13, 14, 15 - ROVAC Conference

4. Afternoon of April 13 - Tentative Fairfield County ROVAC meeting at conference. Need for meeting to be determined based on status of Registrar-related legislation

5. Thursday, June 16, 10AM - Fairfield County ROVAC Meeting - Danbury City Hall

Update, February 9, 2016

The next meeting is:

Thursday, February 25 at 10AM.

Trackside Teen Center

15 Station Rd, Wilton, CT 06897

Update: November 19, 2015

The next full meeting for the county is:

Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 10AM

Town Hall South

3 Main Street

Newtown, CT 06470

2016 Spring Conference Dates: April 13, 14 & 15

Update: December 3, 2014

ROVAC President Melissa Russell has Op-Ed published in the Greenwich Time and Stamford Advocate

The Op-Ed can be found in the Registrars in the News section

Reminder, the next full meeting is

Thursday, December 4, 2014

10AM at Edith Wheeler Library

7 Fan Hill Road, Monroe, CT

UPDATE: November 13, 2014

Thanks to those who attended the sharing session tonight. If you donated towards dinner, click here to download a receipt.

UPDATE: May 21, 2014

Fall Conference Dates

September 4th and 5th, 2014

Several Towns have requested the quick steps to use the CVRS Petitions Module.

To create a petition:

Under Maintain Town Data

Choose Town Petitions

Name the petition with a good description

To indicate an elector signed a petition

Under Maintain Voter History

Select Petition History

Search for a voter

Select the voter

The most recent petition created will already be selected.

Save the voter

To print a list of people who signed a petition

Registrar Maintenance

Petition Voter Detail

UPDATE: March 18, 2014

A collection of the information assembled by Greenwich, Westport, and Suffield (Hartford County) registrars regarding payments to poll workers and income, medicare, and social security withholding and reporting requirements has been created. See Poll Worker Payment Info.

UPDATE: March 17, 2014

Conference Dates have been changed again due to concerns about including Sunday.

New Dates: Monday, June 30

Tuesday, July 1

Wednesday, July 2

UPDATE: July 19, 2013

Dates for Fall Conference have been set. September 12 and 13.

See http://rovac.org/conferences.html for the tax free forms. There are even dates for future conferences!

UPDATE: March 4, 2013

Initial documents from the EDR Task Force have been posted. See EDR Task Force section.

UPDATE: February 20, 2013

Our friends in Wilton have provided a report provided to them by the UCONN Voter Center regarding a problem they were having with the new battery-less "non-volatile" memory cards. See the report in the Memory Cards section.

UPDATE: February 13, 2013

Below is correspondence with Jeff Silvestro at LHS Associates. I have included information he sent to me in a new section called Tabulators, along with other information available on the web.

Jeff's answers are in red.

"On behalf of all the registrars of Fairfield County, I'm looking to obtain

more information on the machines we use. I will disseminate to all

Fairfield County Registrars.

1. May I have a copy of the maintenance contract for the tabulators.

Maintenance is currently covered by the State through an extension of the original Contract signed in November of 2006. You would have to request a copy of the contract from the State. The State has in their possession a detailed description of LHS Preventive Maintenance Procedures and the itemized Checklist used by our technicians. Please see the attached documents.

2. Does the maintenance contract also include the ballot bins (the black

box with the deflectors)?

Yes the ballot boxes are covered. Generally they are not checked during the preventive maintenance visit unless a problem has been reported.

3. Are there any manuals online or in paper form regarding the tabulators.

(I do see three items under the "CT Specific Forms" on your website, but

they are rather brief.)

Not online. I have attached a users guide.

4. Is there a warranty from the manufacturer on the tabulator or the

ballot bin? What is the length of the warranty?

The original manufacturer warranty on both has expired. The annual maintenance charge is similar to an extension of that warranty by LHS plus annual preventive maintenance visit, onsite support and access to the LHS help desk (888-LHS-VOTE) prior to and on election day. Please see the attached document for a more detailed description of the items covered by the maintenance charge.

5. Is there a warranty on the memory cards? Are cards covered under our

maintenance contract?

The original memory cards warranty has expired. Memory cards are not covered under the maintenance contract. The new MRAM cards have a 1 year warranty.

6. Was there any paperwork provided to the Secretary of the State

(manuals, warranty cards, product guides) when the machine were purchased?

These items may not have been distributed to the individual towns.

There were. You need to check with the State regarding this information.

7. There is some sort of grid that ballot printers are provided which

allows them to check the accuracy of the alignment of the ballots with the

sensors in the tabulator. Is the grid available for purchase?

We do not have them for sale and I am not aware of any company that does.

UPDATE: January 27, 2013

Check out the new Frequently Asked Questions section. Carole Young-Kleinfeld has volunteered to post your questions and answers. If you have a question whichhas recently been asnwered by the Secretary of State's office, please send it to faq@fairfieldcountyrovac.org and we will post it. Questions which need answering are welcome too!

Also, Greenwich Registrars are "mailing in" a brief presentation for the new registrar training day on the topic of professionalism in the workplace. You can see the youtube video at http://youtu.be/-Xjm0He9IPA.

UPDATE: January 13, 2013

The ROVAC Nominating Committee is taking application for the position of Auditor. This is the only position to be voted on at our conference.

We require 3 auditors

If you would like more information, please contact Bob Sherman, Chairman of the ROVAC Nominating Committee, at shermanr@southington.org

UPDATE: January 10, 2013

A reminder that our next Fairfield County Meeting is

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Birdseye Community Complex

Room 110

468 Birdseye Street

Stratford, CT 06615

Agenda can be found under "Meeting Documents"

UPDATE: December 4, 2012

Thanks to all who attended the November 29 sharing session. Our hosts in Bethel provided great food and a wonderful meeting space.

Also, as mentioned, Matt Waggner has updated the "Out of State Cancellations" program he produced a few months ago. Click on the link to get download instructions.

UPDATE: November 28, 2012

Three bits of news:

It's not too late to RSVP for Thursday's sharing session in Bethel:

Thursday, November 29

6:30 PM

Clifford J. Hurgin Municipal Center

1 School Street

Bethel, CT

2. The SOTS Emergency Plan received all state-level approvals as of 9/28/12. This means municipalities have 6 months from that date to adopt their own plan, or the state plan is automatically adopted for you.

The plan under the "Emergency Planning" section.

3. An Op-Ed appeared in the Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Time today written by our ROVAC President Melissa Russell. Although Fairfield County polls were not the subject of many criticisms this November, other areas of the state had scattered problems. This Op-Ed addresses all of the good work being done by Registrars statewide.

Melissa is working to see that other newspapers also print her letter. If you are willing, it may be worthwhile for you to send it to one of your local papers, and co-sign it, so that it has a local link.

The Op-Ed can be found under "Registrars in the News."

UPDATE: November 19, 2012

Click Here for a list of towns who will be audited.

Rumor has it SOTS without internet today, but will be sending out an announcement that audit deadline extended to 12/3/2012. This has not been confirmed, so remember the statutory deadline is November 26, 2012.

UPDATE: November 16, 2012

By popular demand, we are having another sharing session, this time hosted by our colleagues in Bethel.

Thursday, November 29

6:30 PM

Clifford J. Hurgin Municipal Center

1 School Street

Bethel, CT

Please bring war stories, documentation, and good humor with you.

A light dinner will be served. Please plan on contributing about $12. We will provide receipts if you are able to seek reimbursement from your town.

UPDATE: November 14, 2012

New Section Added: Registrars in the News. Links to articles and editorials regarding the election process in CT. Also includes links to download radio programs which include discussion of the CT election process.

UPDATE: October 22, 2012

Our friends in Wilton have submitted Deputy Registrar Kim Nabulski's outline for absentee ballot central counting which was presented at the Fall 2012 ROVAC Conference. Look for it in the "Absentee Ballots" section at the right.

UPDATE: October 20, 2012

Check the "Out of State Cancellations" section to learn more about a great program written by Matt Waggner which can help to generate the notifications to other states for new voters who have recently moved to your town. Also in this section is a fresh copy of the address for all of the other states in the event you continue to send manually. This is the same document sent out by the Secretary of the State's Office on 10/19/2012.

Thank to all who participated in the "sharing session" on Thursday, October 18. A good time was had by all. For those who inquired, the food came from Tony's Deli, with stores in New Canaan and Greenwich. http://tonysdeli.net/

We are looking to have another session after the election. Possible dates are the evening of November 15 or November 29.

Please send along a summary of your memory card failures so we can post them again and provide the information to LHS and the Secretary of the State.