LHS Associates Tabulator Info — Link to CT Specific Documents on LHS website, including "Test and Setup Procedures", setting the time in the tabulator, and "Testing the Ballot Deflector".

State of Vermont Tabulator Battery Testing Procedure — Procedures from the state of Vermont regarding testing the internal battery of the tabulator. NOTE: These procedures are not CT procedures and are placed here for information purposes only.

UPDATE: February 13, 2013

Below is correspondence with Jeff Silvestro at LHS Associates. I have included information he sent to me in a new section called Tabulators, along with other information available on the web.

Jeff's answers are in red.

"On behalf of all the registrars of Fairfield County, I'm looking to obtain

more information on the machines we use. I will disseminate to all

Fairfield County Registrars.

1. May I have a copy of the maintenance contract for the tabulators.

Maintenance is currently covered by the State through an extension of the original Contract signed in November of 2006. You would have to request a copy of the contract from the State. The State has in their possession a detailed description of LHS Preventive Maintenance Procedures and the itemized Checklist used by our technicians. Please see the attached documents.

2. Does the maintenance contract also include the ballot bins (the black box with the deflectors)?

Yes the ballot boxes are covered. Generally they are not checked during the preventive maintenance visit unless a problem has been reported.

3. Are there any manuals online or in paper form regarding the tabulators.

(I do see three items under the "CT Specific Forms" on your website, but they are rather brief.)

4. Is there a warranty from the manufacturer on the tabulator or the ballot bin? What is the length of the warranty?

The original manufacturer warranty on both has expired. The annual maintenance charge is similar to an extension of that warranty by LHS plus annual preventive maintenance visit, onsite support and access to the LHS help desk (888-LHS-VOTE) prior to and on election day. Please see the attached document for a more detailed description of the items covered by the maintenance charge.

5. Is there a warranty on the memory cards? Are cards covered under our maintenance contract?

The original memory cards warranty has expired. Memory cards are not covered under the maintenance contract. The new MRAM cards have a 1 year warranty.

6. Was there any paperwork provided to the Secretary of the State (manuals, warranty cards, product guides) when the machine were purchased?

These items may not have been distributed to the individual towns.

There were. You need to check with the State regarding this information.

7. There is some sort of grid that ballot printers are provided which allows them to check the accuracy of the alignment of the ballots with the sensors in the tabulator. Is the grid available for purchase?

We do not have them for sale and I am not aware of any company that does.